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‘Monster Metropolis’ Wants to Combine City Building and Monster Battling

Faceroll Games, who developed Call of Duty: Heroes (Free), are hard at work on an original title called Monster Metropolis. They’re describing it as Sim City meets Rampage meets…Grandia? Yes, that’s the plan here. You’ll be building up a city of your very own, and trying to protect it from your many, many enemies. But you’ll also have a bunch of different creatures to collect and upgrade. And then, you’ll do battle with them against opponents in JRPG-inspired battles, including raids of opponent cities.

I’m interested to see how Monster Metropolis shakes out in this hybrid city-building genre that keeps popping up,even with other, similar hybrids like MonstroCity (Free). But, the RPG battling elements could prove to be the big differentiator here, especially name-checking Grandia specifically. Curious about this one? The developers are looking for beta testers on our forums.