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‘Kalimba’ Co-Op Puzzle Platformer Coming to iOS, Needs Beta Testers

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Flashbulb Games is bringing Kalimba, their puzzle-platformer, to iOS, and they need the community’s help to beta test the iOS version of the game. This game has you playing as two colored totem pole pieces – at the same time – trying to solve tricky puzzling, platforming challenges. The desktop and console version of the game involved co-operative play as a feature, and Flashbulb wants to keep that alive on the iOS version. The iPad version in particular will support two players on one iPad, facing each other. Check out the iOS trailer for the game:

And here’s the iPad multiplayer in action, where two players control two totems each, for a total of four to try and keep alive:

I’m really intrigued to see how this turns out on iOS, and I love the look of the game. The use of triangles and hexagons seems particularly distinctive without being overbearing as part of the visual style. If you want to help beta test this, check out the forum thread.

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