Check Out Some Early Footage of the Paladin Class Coming to ‘Wayward Souls’

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I’m just going to come out and say it: Wayward Souls ($7.99) is my favorite iOS game. Yes, we picked it as our Game of the Year back in 2014, and yes we awarded it 5 stars in our original review, and yes it’s been critically acclaimed by tons and tons of gamers since its release, so maybe that statement isn’t all that surprising. However, there are SO many fantastic games on mobile that it makes it hard to boil it all down to just one favorite, but I think I’ve finally decided that Wayward Souls deserves that honor. I mean, just writing about it or even thinking about it makes me want to instantly start playing, which I will be doing just as soon as I’m done with this post, by the way.

Anyway, Wayward Souls has been updated a ton over the years, and as was hinted at in an update this past December and has been planned for even longer than that by developer Rocketcat Games, one big final update is coming that will add the Paladin class to the game complete with its own separate story campaign and crazy new difficulty levels. This weekend Rocketcat posted some early footage of the Paladin class in action. This first video is a brief run that pretty quickly ends in death, and is accidentally captured at 24fps so it’s a bit choppy (the game itself runs at 60fps, fyi). This second video is a lenghtier run (nearly 10 minutes) that also ultimately ends up in death. Both videos are a joy to watch for Wayward Souls fans anxious for the Paladin update.

Ah, exciting stuff I tell ya. The only problem with getting excited for this new Paladin update is that we aren’t too sure when we’ll get to actually play it. Rocketcat tries to be careful about giving hard dates for stuff as timelines for game development can change on a whim due to all sorts of circumstances. The good news is that Rocketcat making videos of the Paladin in action is a sign that things are moving along quite well, so hopefully that final 10% of polishing up and playtesting won’t take too long and we’ll be able to play as the Paladin ourselves in the near future. There should actually be more Paladin videos coming this week, so keep an eye on Rocketcat’s Youtube channel and once we have a more specific timeline for the release of this update we’ll let you know.

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