This Week’s 100th ‘Hearthstone’ Tavern Brawl Might Be Quite a Crazy One

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Hearthstone‘s (Free) Tavern Brawl has become a weekly staple for players, and—even if you haven’t realized it—we have reached the 100th week since the Brawl was added to the game. And if HearthPwn’s datamining of Patch 8.0 is accurate, and it usually is, the 100th Tavern Brawl will include 9 previous brawls, and you’ll be playing a random one each time. The fun part is that your opponent may end up with a different one, which you can imagine what kind of shenanigans that will create. Even if the original Brawl had you building your own deck, this time around all the decks will consist of random cards.

The brawls include Idols of Azeroth, Party Portals, Too Many Portals, ShiftCon, Banana Brawl, and a few others. If we do end up getting this Brawl collection and ends up working out, I wonder if we’ll see the ability in the future to choose from various Brawls instead of only playing one a week.

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