‘Vainglory’ Gets a New Hero and Double Glory Weekends With 2.4

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Another Vainglory (Free) update from the folks at Super Evil Megacorp is upon us. This time the soul reaper Baptiste joins the battle and to celebrate, along with a bunch of pretty cool looking skins. Adding to the update is the announcement of double glory weekends in order to celebrate the new hero.

Looking suspiciously like a Disney villain, Baptiste steals soul fragments through battle which he uses for healing purposes. After he acquires four, he gains a temporary attack buff for a few seconds. His active moves include a ranged slow, a prison stun, and an interesting ultimate where enemies caught in it run away and take damage over time. Baptiste actually has a pretty fun, eclectic selection of moves that should be a nice addition to the game.

Accompanying the Version 2.4 update are a bevy of new skins for existing characters, including skins for SAW, Flicker, Blackfeather, and Taka. While the skins are now here with Version 2.4 There’s actually a skin release calendar with SAW and Flicker currently available with the others coming this weekend.

Speaking of weekends, the return of Double Glory weekends will be a welcome change for long time players. This time it’s being done for a reason as Talents will soon be coming to the game, which will allow players to spend glory and actually increase the stats of heroes in the game’s Blitz and Battle Royale modes. This will significantly change the feel of those modes and it’ll be interesting to see where that ends up.

Version 2.4 is available now for folks looking to get Baptiste. Meanwhile, the full release notes can be found here.

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