Fantastic Arena Platformer ‘Penarium’ Arrives on Mobile

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Team17 is on a roll with bringing their desktop and console published titles over to mobile, with Mouldy Toof’s The Escapists ($0.99) arriving early last month and Self Made Miracle’s awesome arena platformer Penarium ($1.99) surprise launching this morning. Penarium is actually the name of the twisted circus where the game takes place, and you’ll play as Willy hopping from platform to platform trying to avoid an increasingly deadly barrage of hazards and traps as you try to collect as many barrels and coins as possible. Every fifth barrel you collect a new set of hazards will appear, and you’ll continue on until you’ve completed a certain objective to finish a level or for as long as possible in the endless modes. Coins collected go towards picking up special cards which give you different abilities during the campaign levels.

Yes, the concept is very similar to Super Crate Box (Free), except in Penarium it’s you against the environment itself rather than a cast of wacky enemies, which I think is a cool twist. I’d describe it as Super Crate Box meets 1001 Attempts (Free), with the added bonus that this game has not been sitting and rotting in the App Store without any updates for the past 5 years. Unfortunately, none of the co-op or versus multiplayer modes have made it to the mobile version of Penarium, but it has a robust single-player campaign and multiple endless survival modes. Seeing as it seems more and more likely Super Crate Box will never receive its promised updates, Penarium has slid right in there as a totally fantastic replacement for me, and folks in our forums seem to be enjoying it a whole lot too.

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