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‘Duelyst’ Adds New Temporary Mode on First Anniversary, iOS Beta Currently in Limited Testing

Duelyst is continuing its slow march to mobile asthe PC version of the game continues to get new features. The game is celebrating its first anniversary of coming out of beta, and it’s adding a whole new mode. Rift Mode is Duelyst‘s version of draft. This temporary mode will have you picking cards from all factions and building decks to fight against other players. Although this is a temporary mode, I’m hoping it will be here to stay by the time the iOS version launches. In addition to the Rift Mode, there will be more Weekly Boss Battles coming our way.

As for the mobile versions, the game is currently in iOS limited Beta, and the developers are preparing for wider testing soon. The Android version is being prepped for initial testing as well. Hopefully we’ll get the game on our devices soon.