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‘Modern Combat Versus’ Soft Launch Is Getting Some Balance Tweaks Soon

Excitement surrounding Gameloft’s upcoming Overwatch-like, Modern Combat Versus is pretty high in our community. We’ve got a pretty vibrant Modern Combat Versus Discord chat, and the forum thread is similarly cookin’ along. With any team-based first person shooter game, balance complaints are inevitable, but per Gameloft the game is about to get a whole bunch of balance tweaks.

Agents are getting more health with each level, up to 10% from 6%. Additionally, everyone’s headshot damage is going up while respawn timers are being reduced by 38%. Core charges are going to come a little slower, which should lead to players using abilities a bit more strategically. Also, all the agents are getting tweaked a bit.

  • Lock: Damage increases 21%, range increases 25%, and hip fire accuracy will be increased.
  • Gh0st: Ability costs are increasing, duration is decreasing, and knife stabs will be a bit easier.
  • Sw1ft: 50% faster reloading speed.
  • Monark: Ability costs are increasing, lock-on time is going up by 26%, and the lock-on area has decreased by 28% making it a bit trickier to use.
  • Juke: Damage and range are increased by 11%, while Touchdown damage is decreased by 11%.
  • Bee-BQ: Ability costs increase, meanwhile, health goes down by 33%, ammo decreases by 50%, and movement speed while shooting decreases by 14%. Also, Bee-BQ can no longer get hit by his own Mutant Grenade.
  • Ronen: Deflect damage goes up 50%, and melee attacks have greater reach.
  • Mi-Nu: Damage going up 6% while range increases by 25%.
  • Kult: Ammo decreased by 50%, ability costs go up, and you’ll move 14% slower while moving.
  • Creeper: 6% damage increase, 25% range increase, and weapon accuracy should be better.
  • Kan: 23% damage boost, 40% more range, and ability costs dropped.

Of course some bugs have also been squashed along with other tweaks to the game itself. This new patch should be coming “soon". If you’re not playing Modern Combat Versus yet, be sure to check out our guide to download and play the soft launch.