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‘Dungeon, Inc.’ From PikPok Will Combine ‘Doomsday Clicker’ Style Gameplay with Raiding

PikPok has announced their next game, Dungeon, Inc. Combining with clickers with some elements of dungeon-keeping, you’ll build up your dungeon, including a bunch of idle revenue generators. You’ll start to find new buildings, and recruit monsters to populate your dungeons to not just help you get a lot more gold, but also to help you fight other players with your malevolent monsters. Check out the trailer, and put the sound on, because it features original music from the same singer who did the hilarious music in Doomsday Clicker (Free) and Monsters Ate My Metropolis (Free), which is rather informative here!

This looks like a cool expansion on the clicker formula that PikPok has done with the aforementioned Doomsday Clicker and Tap It Big (Free), and the PVP elements sound like they could be a lot of fun to play with. Dungeon, Inc. launches on May 11th, and check out the forum thread if you want to chat about this one.