The Great Adventures Humble Mobile Bundle is INSTABUY for Android Gamers

Humble Bundle’s latest Android bundle is one of the best Android game bundles I’ve seen yet. The Great Adventures Humble Mobile Bundle lives up to the name, by offering 8 killer adventure games if you go for the $6 tier. The “pay what you want" $1 tier has three fantastic titles: Grim Fandango Remastered, Kathy Rain, and Machinarium. Grim Fandango is an obvious Tim Schafer/Double Fine classic. Kathy Rain is a fantastic retro-styled point-and-click title. Machinarium is one of the finest games in Amanita’s catalogue.

The $4 tier gets even better. There’s the FMV-filled Her Story, featuring a non-linear story and a clever word search mechanic. Sorcery 4 is a fantastic interactive fiction game from Inkle, experts in the genre. Burly Men at Sea is a wonderful game of storytelling and atmosphere, along with amazing beards. The $6 tier includes two other great titles: State of Play’s papercraft-inspired Lumino City, and then there’s another great Amanita title, Samorost 3. All that for $6, and there’s the possibility that more games come to the bundle next week. Not all our readers have Android, but if you do, I must say, this bundle is…INSTABUY. Sound off with ASCII cats in the comments below, folks.