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Multiplayer Racing Game ‘One Tap Rally’ Is Looking for Beta Testers

Racing games are tricky beasts to get right on mobile because the touchscreen doesn’t always lend itself to accurate controls in fast-paced games. That’s partly the reason why recent racing games that have done well have been ones that either focus on drag racing or offer simpler, more arcadey kind of gameplay. As the title betrays, the upcoming One Tap Rally is going the latter way and will offer a multiplayer racing game that will have you drifting and sliding using one-touch controls. As you can see from the trailer below, the game’s pretty fast but also looks like it will control pretty well—though that remains to be seen.

One Tap Rally will offer 45 tracks to race on and over 100 cars to collect, though they’ll probably all drive the same. If you’re interested in checking One Tap Rally out and helping the developer improve it, go to our forum page and apply for the beta.