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‘Squashy Bug’ is a High Score Chaser About the Oppression of Modern Life

Matthew Barrie, developer of Board 2 Death ($1.99), has a new game coming out on April 27th: Squashy Bug. You’ll be controlling a friendly little bug, whose only goal in life is to collect the loose change that winds up on the city streets. The problem is that some rude cretins are stomping all over the place…literally, they’re just stomping around slowly like they own the joint. And they’re stomping around with no regard for bug life. Sadly, this is not the game where the insects rise up and destroy humanity. This is the tale of one bug’s life as they try to survive in a harsh, uncaring world.

Well, at least Squashy Bug is a high score chaser where patience is the key. You’ll have to time your movements between the stomping feet to get your coins and drop them back off in your little home. Good luck with all that, these humans are very large and you are so tiny. Check out Squashy Bug on April 27th.