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‘Ms. Spell’ is the Dank New Roguelike From ‘MicRogue’ Developer Jason Pickering, Hitting on April 20th

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Jason Pickering, the developer behind MicRogue ($1.99), is set to deliver another low-resolution pixel art roguelike to iOS on April 20th. The spark behind MicRogue was that it was a roguelike about movement. Instead, Ms. Spell gets lit by being about item usage. The items you cop will be used to toast your enemies in various ways, or get you all ripped on your way to recover the spell book full of dank goodness.

Much like MicRogue, you’ll have to figure out how the enemies work, but also how the spells operate. Some will blaze enemies, others swap with enemies. But just what these mysterious spells do is something you have to learn. Ms. Spell will run you only a dollar in a launch sale, mere pennies on the dollar. Check this out on April 20th.

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