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‘Arena Masters’, a Real-time PvP Game, Launches Worldwide April 27th

Real-time RPGs aren’t rare on the App Store, and most of them are repetitive dungeon crawlers. The upcoming Arena Masters plans to offer a different kind of experience by focusing on PvP battle modes. There are six different battles modes such as Duel Arena (last man standing), King of the Hill, Zombie Virus (where you must fight time and others to survive a deadly virus), and, of course, Team Deathmatch. While the modes aren’t the most original, I’m guessing they will be quite a bit of fun in PvP. The game has over 10 heroes, each with special abilities, and, in what should be good news for most, the game doesn’t have an auto-play system, so it’s all you.

If you’re interested in Arena Masters, go here to pre-register and get 500 Crystals at launch. The game will releases worldwide on both iOS and Android April 27th, so if you’re planning on pre-registering, don’t wait too long.