‘Lara Croft Go’ DLC ‘The Mirror of Spirits’ Finally Releases on iOS

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Square Enix Montreal has just updated its puzzler Lara Croft Go ($4.99) with the “Mirror of Spirits" DLC that first hit the PlayStation versions of the game in late 2016. The PC version got the DLC in March. So while mobile did get the DLC last, it did eventually get it! It’s like a snake draft, mobile got first pick in the first round and the last pick in the second round. This does mean that we better get whatever is next before anybody else!

This DLC was made by Montreal studio KO_OP Mode, who are working on GNOG (which will come to iOS down the road). The puzzles involve new mirror elements, including a mirrored Lara who partakes in the puzzles. Plus, the familiar Go style has been given a good tweak by KO_OP Mode, who use some different palettes in creating levels to give the game a bit of a different look across this DLC’s 25 levels. The update with the “Mirror of Spirits" DLC is out now.

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