The Latest Update for ‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ is Here, Adding Some Promised Features and More

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You have to hand it to Nintendo, they haven’t been resting on their laurels with Fire Emblem Heroes (Free). The game hasn’t been out much more than a couple of months, and they’ve already made quite a few improvements to the game. This month, as promised, they’ve begun to add a bunch of player-requested features to the game, such as an increased stamina gauge, the ability to arrange your units before battle, and better match-making. We didn’t get all of that in today’s version 1.20 update, but we did get a few things we weren’t expecting.

The biggest news is the addition of Sacred Seals, special modifiers that you can add to your units as you like. You can earn Sacred Seals in a variety of ways, including clearing quests and certain other challenges. To celebrate this addition, there are a number of special quests where you can earn new units and some Sacred Seals. Nintendo’s also giving out 2 free orbs per day as a login bonus during the next couple of weeks. In further “handing out orbs like candy" news, all players will receive a special present for clearing the milestones on the recently-ended Voting Gauntlet. Just login and you’ll receive 20 orbs, 5,000 universal crystals, and 5 of each type of Great Badge. That’s enough for one more chance at pulling a bunny character, along with all the goodies you need to get a head start on leveling them up!

Of course, Easter will soon pass, and I imagine the Spring Festival will go with it. So what’s next? Well, Fire Emblem fans might already be able to guess that. There’s a new Nintendo 3DS Fire Emblem game coming out rather soon in Japan, with a worldwide release following in May. Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia is a remake of Fire Emblem Gaiden, the second game in the series. Nintendo has released a teaser trailer announcing that an upcoming summoning banner will feature some of the heroes from that very game. And then there are some whispers of a certain popular hero who has been in a few Smash Bros. games making his long-awaited debut? I guess we’ll know more soon.

So sign in, get your free stuff, poke around at the new content, and get ready for the next big wave of new faces. Bask in the stamina meter with its glorious 99-point capacity. Between skill inheritance and Sacred Seals, there are now a bunch of ways to customize your cute little junior death squad. And that’s really what Fire Emblem is all about, isn’t it? Now get out there and find some new ways to kill Takumi, everyone! Preferably ADORABLE ways!

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