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‘Smash Dude 2’ Developers Firezoo Need Beta Testers to Help Smash Dudes Properly

Last year, Firezoo released Smash Dude (Free), and I think I missed out. For far too long, I have desired a safe way to get some dudes, and just smash them. If you want to smash some brothers, there’s plenty of outlets for that. But just smashing some dude, chained up to a wall? Too few games have offered that. Enough people found joy in smashing dudes that Firezoo is making Smash Dude 2. And while I’m disappointed it’s not called 2 Smash 2 Dude, you can’t get everything you want in life.

Smash Dude 2 has a bit of an idle clicker twist, where you can upgrade some idle dude-smashers to get you more coins and resources to make your dude smashing go even better. Too many clickers and idle games are punting on anything related to gameplay nowadays, but not Smash Dude 2. It’s a smashing smasher. The Smash Dude 2 developers need help making sure everyone’s dude-smashing experience is as smashariffic as possible, so check out the forum thread where you can help beta test and get those dudes smashed properly.