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Turn-Based Strategy Title ‘Epic Little War Game’ Is Finally Accepting Beta Testers

One of my favorite iOS strategy titles from the formative years of the App Store was undoubtedly Great Little War Game ($1.99), as its Advance Wars-esque mechanics under luscious 3D visuals provided a rare cerebral challenge in a particularly under-represented genre for mobile gaming. Since the original game released back in 2011, the developers have released Great Big War Game ($2.99), as well as a direct sequel in the form of Great Little War Game 2 ($1.99). Just as you feared Rubicon were running out of hyperbolic titles, Epic Little War Game was revealed at the end of 2014, but since then details have been relatively scarce on the next entry in this prestigious mobile series. Fans of the franchise will be delighted to hear that the end is finally in sight – Rubicon have today announced that they are accepting beta testers for Epic Little War Game on the game’s forum thread, and plan to launch the full title on May 31st.

While more specific details surrounding Epic Little War Game appear to still be on the horizon, the progress that Rubicon has been recording on their blog is extremely promising. In February, the developers were able to get Epic Little War Game approved on Steam Greenlight, which means a simultaneous release across all platforms is on the cards, and hopefully greater exposure for the strategy series when it launches on PC. A promo trailer also provides a glimpse at what you can expect from Epic Little War Game, and while it retains the laid-back cartoony vibe that was so successfully implemented in the original iOS titles, the scale and intricacy of the traversable environments goes some way to emphatically emphasising the ‘epic’ in the game’s title. Epic Little War Game is definitely one to keep your eye on, especially for App Store veterans and strategy fans; be sure to march down to our forum thread and sign up for the game’s beta if you can’t wait to dive straight into the conflict.