‘Kingdom: New Lands’ and ‘Kathy Rain’ Both on Sale for the First Time

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If you’re in the mood for some retro-looking gaming and are short on cash, you can grab Kingdom: New Lands ($4.99) and Kathy Rain ($2.99) for cheap. Both have gone on sale for the first time ever, so this is definitely the cheapest they’ve been since release. In case you haven’t heard of any of the two games, Kingdom: New Lands is a fascinating game that looks like a side-scrolling tower-defense, but it’s much more than that. Kingdom, as we talked about when we picked it for our Game of the Week, is a game that’s hard to describe without spoiling a lot of the fun of it, so you should try and dive into it without reading too much about it. Just know that it’s very challenging and has lovely retro visuals. Check out our forum page for more on the game.

Kathy Rain also has a retro look, but this one is more of a straight-forward point-and-tap-adventure game. The game takes place in the 90s, which is partly why the art will remind you of games from that decade. We really liked it in our review, so if you like good adventure games with compelling stories, you should grab it while it’s on sale.

  • Kingdom: New Lands

    ** Nominated by the Independent Games Festival for Excellence in Design. ** ** Two IGF Honorable Mentions for Music ** …
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