Journey To Un’Goro Best Decks, Reactions, Rogue Quest, and More ‘Hearthstone’ Weekly News in ‘Touchstone’ #92

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Hello everyone and welcome to the first post-Un’Goro Touchstone Tavern. I hope you’ve been enjoying the new expansion and the gods of luck and good fortune have blessed your pack opening rituals. My luck wasn’t the best, but that was to be expected if I’m honest. Hearthstone (Free) has officially entered a new era now that we are in the second Standard rotation, and it remains to be seen what kind of meta we’ll end up with once the dust settles down. So far, players seem to be happy with the variety of decks being played, and I hope this continues even after the meta crystallizes. As you’d expect, this week we’re focusing on the new expansion since there’s so much to talk about. And without further ado, let’s jump into the Un’Goro crater.




The Rogue Quest Is Unexpectedly Dangerous

As this story points out, many discounted the Rogue Quest during the reveals, but it looks like everyone spoke too soon. The Rogue Quest—which requires you to copy or bounce back to your hand four minions—seems to be very easy to complete and can be a pretty powerful part of relatively cheap decks. And it looks like everyone is playing it on ladder now. I’ve bumped into a couple of Rogue decks, and they had the Quest completed by Turn 5 or so; not an ideal outcome for me. I wonder whether we’ll see this Quest patched or whether it’s just early days and that’s why it feels easier than other ones.


Best of Un’Goro Druid Decks

Even though it’s still pretty early days in the Un’Goro meta, some decks are definitely shining more than others. This story describes the best Druid decks post-Un’Goro, ranging from Aggro Druid to Beast and Ramp Druid. Some are more expensive than others, but they all look entertaining. If you’re looking for strong Druid decks, go netdeck a bit.


Rating the New Quests

This self-described non-expert ranked the new quests based mostly on playing during launch day, so while you should take the ranking with a big grain of salt, they might be an early indication of things to come. Apparently, the weakest is the Paladin one because you get one minion, and we all know how easily decks can get rid of one strong minion. The second weakest is the Druid because by the time you can get that Quest done, you’re too late into the game. The remaining quests’ order from worst to best is Warlock, Shaman, Warrior, Hunter, Mage, Priest, and—of course—Rogue. Do you agree with the ranking, or is your ranking different?


100 Un’Goro Packs Contents

What do you get when you open 100 Un’Goro decks? Apparently not what you’d hope for according to this story. Opening 100 packs got this writer 329 Commons, 7 Golden Commons, 107 Rares, 6 Golden Rares, 21 Epics, 1 Golden Epic, 2 Legendaries, and 1 Gold Legendary, with a total of 2,375 in dust. He only got two Quests, but overall he feels his results are according to the expected drop rates. Are you happy with your drop rates?



Blizzard Denies Duplicate and Drop Rate Issues

If you’ve been following fan reactions after Un’Goro launched, you’ve probably heard some vocal complaints about the rate of duplicates and lack of legendaries. This story talks about Blizzard’s response, which came in the form of an official forum post. Blizzard stated that they’ve checked the drop rates for Un’Goro, and the rates are consistent with previous releases both in terms of card and rarity drops. Personally, I got pretty much the same drop rate as previous expansions, not that I’m crazy about getting 2 legendaries in 60 packs mind you.


An Exploit is Ruining Online Matches

Leave it up to DisguisedToast to find an exploit. Apparently, combining Shadow Vision and Radiant Elemental creates so many animations that pretty much kill the opponent’s turn. I’m pretty sure the exploit will be fixed soon, but for now, watch below and enjoy.


Dean Ayala on Rogue

If you want to see what designer Dean Ayala has to say about the Rogue Quest and the lessons learn from Mean Streets, read this story. He’s excited that the new Quest offers a new way to play Rogue and helps players step away from Gadgetzan Auctioneer, which has been a major player in Rogue decks since forever. He also talks about how powerful cards, like Patches, make decks feel the same, even though the rest of the deck might be different each time. An interesting interview that you can check out here.


Crystal Core Rogue Guide: The Most Broken Deck

This story is very useful if you’re planning on joining the Rogue party, which everyone seems to be joining. There’s a pretty good Rogue Quest deck along with a basic guide on how to go about copying or bouncing those minions back to your hand. There are a few legendaries in the deck, so don’t go trying this one unless you have the collection required.


The Best New Un’Goro Combos

If combo decks are your thing, read this story. The writer put together a few of the most powerful combos of the early Un’Goro meta. He mostly focuses on the Mage and Druid combos linked to the two quests. Some of the combos described require you to have RNG in your favor but is still fun to try and make them happen. I can see a ton of combos coming out of the Time Warp part of the Mage Quest to the point where they might break the game. We’ll have to wait and see.


New Standard Un’Goro Decks

If you’re looking for some high-quality netdecking, this is the story for you. You can check out the best pro decks out there for all kinds of classes, and if you have the required cards, give them a try. Just keep in mind that since most of them are based on the new Quests, they are pretty expensive.




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