Here’s a Sample of the ‘Minecraft Marketplace’ Content by the Noxcrew

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As we wrote earlier today, Minecraft Pocket Edition‘s ($6.99) store is about to greatly expand once the Minecraft Marketplace becomes available. We talked a bit about the various content creators participating in Microsoft and Mojang’s new initiatives, but in case you don’t know what the various creators can do, check out the video below. This is a sample of the kind of content the Noxcrew community is going to bring to the game, and it looks pretty awesome. The teaser shows off some of the worlds you’ll be able to purchase along with various activities, mobs, and lots of other things. PC players are used to being able to easily access additional Minecraft content, but most mobile players, especially the young ones or those with no PCs, haven’t had that luxury.

The Noxcrew blog post talks about their current and future plans for the Minecraft Marketplace and how excited they are to be able to reach millions. They also talk about how difficult it has been to make money from their content, and how they hope this new opportunity will enable them to make even more and better content in the future. I’m curious and excited to see what we’ll be getting on the Marketplace, and I can’t wait to add those new maps to our Realms server for some multiplayer mayhem.

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