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‘Neogen BeatZ’ Blazes Onto the App Store on April 20th

ArmNomads Games has announced that their new music-driven arcade game, Neogen BeatZ, will be blazing onto the App Store on April 20th. You’ll have to swipe different blocks as light up the note highway, shifting them from lane to lane, including yellow, red, neon blue, and green blocks. Aww yeah, give me some of that green, fam. There will be six different game modes to play, each throwing different kinds of music challenges at you to try and max your score out to.

The game will also let you fire up the dankest tracks from your personal music library, and the background will react to the music. I wasn’t able to get this working on Android in the publicly-available early access version, but it should be fine on iOS with its more rigid music library features. Damn my FLAC collection! This one will spark it up on the App Store and leave early access on Google Play on April 20th.