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Beloved Story-Driven Adventure ‘To the Moon’ Hitting iOS and Android Next Month

In August of last year, developer Freebird Games announced that they’d be partnering up with X.D. Network to bring the beloved indie hit To the Moon to the mobile platform, and that day is finally approaching. Originally released on desktops in 2011, To the Moon follows the story of two doctors who travel through the memories of terminally I’ll patients in order to fulfill the patient’s dying wish by way of implanting the experience into their brains. In this particular instance the patient Johnny’s last wish is to go to the moon, and as the doctors travel back through Johnny’s entire life of memories they’ll discover all the reasons why that’s what he wants to do. It’s a pretty trippy concept and To the Moon is quite an emotional journey. Despite looking like a classic 16-bit RPG, To the Moon is entirely story-based and there’s no combat, inventories, party management, or any of the other traditional RPG elements. The game was originally created in RPG Maker, and what X.D. Network is doing is completely remaking the game in Unity in order to port it to Android and iOS, meaning it will have a slightly different visual look and improved UI over the original, and they’ve sent along some screens of the new version to give us an idea of what it’s like.

Many people have fallen in love with To the Moon since its original 2011 release, and with the rise of mobile device gaming there’s been plenty of interest in seeing the game ported over to mobile where it seems like it would be a perfect fit. The announcement that it was happening last August was met with excitement, but also impatience as people were wondering how long it would take to arrive. Alongside these screens the developers have also sent word that To the Moon will be launching worldwide on both Android and iOS next month. While no specific date has been mentioned at least we know the To the Moon mobile release should be happening in the very near future, so expect more on this one as that release window approaches.