‘Warbits’ Getting New Content Update, Needs Beta Testers

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Risky Lab is working on a Warbits ($4.99) update, and they need help with bringing it to life. They’re adding some new game modes, including Skirmish, Puzzle, and Veteran Challenge modes. These new modes give you interesting new challenges to tackle. For example, Puzzle mode gives you some seemingly-impossible scenarios where you have to try and figure out how to win given the enemy’s advantageous position. Similarly, the other modes give you set layouts of player and computer troops, and you have to try and win. Good luck with that!

If you want to help beta test this update and squash out any final issues before it’s submitted to the App Store, including updated support Game Center in iOS 10, check out this post on the forum thread for the game. This is one of the best takes on Advance Wars-style turn-based strategy on the App Store, and it’s about to get some cool new content.

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