‘Quantum Revenge’, a Futuristic Manga-Inspired Dual Stick Shooter, Has Flown Onto the App Store

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Saturday to Monday is normally the quietest period for App Store releases – the ridiculous March Indie Week aside, the majority of developers tend to save their releases for later in the week when more potential players, and most importantly Apple, are most alert to new game launches. That being said, it’s always great to wake up at the beginning of the week to a big new release; Quantum Revenge ($2.99), which launched on Sunday, has certainly kicked off April to a solid start for iOS gaming. The manga-inspired twin stick shooter that we first wrote about back in January features intense, chaotic and explosive mech battles with some stunning futuristic graphics, and is finally available now on the App Store for a launch price of only $2.99.

In Quantum Revenge, you control elite pilots who are tasked with defending the solar system from troops of Rokuseya who are determined to destroy all life within our small cluster of planets. However, to even the playing field, you have control of one of six different sets of robot armor, all with their own bespoke abilities and special attacks, as well as their own upgrade modules that allow you to send those aliens back to the corners of the universe where they belong. With five substantial missions, two epic bosses, and a whole host of leaderboards to scale, Quantum Revenge offers a lot of content for any dual stick shooter fans, and Metal support makes it a true showcase title for anyone with a new iDevice looking to push the graphical capabilities to the limit. Download Quantum Revenge for $2.99 on the App Store now, and be sure to fly by our forum thread for further discussion and impressions on this interesting mech-filled sci-fi shooter.

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