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Crescent Moon and Rossman Bros.’ ‘Get Me Outta Here’ Submitted to App Store

Crescent Moon Games and the Rossman Bros. have announced that their new game Get Me Outta Here has been submitted to the App Store, and it’s expected to release sometime in the next few weeks, quite possibly in April. Starring an old, balding farmer who got abducted by aliens, he has to fight his way off of an alien ship scheduled for destruction by humanity. They’re willing to not blow up the ship if he can take care of these deadly aliens, who are just jerks. Seriously, they kidnapped and weaponized his cow. This old guy’s got some moves, though I imagine his knees are gonna be killing him if he makes it out alive. You’ll have a timer to contend with that extends with each boss you take out, but good luck staying alive that long.

Get Me Outta Here has a cool combo of high score chaser gameplay with an actual objective to go for. Various modifiers can help you by making the game easier at a cost of points, or get you higher scores through increased difficulty. The game will be free with various incentivized ads, but a full game unlock will be available, along with an “indie supporter" unlock that’s more expensive, but contains several exclusive gun skins. Check this one out soon.