‘Deemo’ Gets “Forgotten Hourglass” DLC Concluding Story

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We have some fans of Deemo ($1.99), a rhythm game by Rayark, around here. And they’re excited to find out that Deemo has new DLC today, concluding the story that started in 2013, continued in 2015, and is now finally at its conclusion. This DLC, “Forgotten Hourglass," features a multiple playthrough system, with new scenes to let players experience Deemo in ways that they hadn’t done so before. 25 new songs are available, including classical pieces and works from modern musicians such as Michiru Ōshima. 10 new charts for Extra difficulty are available, and over 20 new collectible have been added. And if you want to see the ending of the game faster, the new light orb system is there to help you out.

There’s more content outside of the “Forgotten Hourglass" DLC. If you bought the “Shattered Memories" DLC, 4 new free songs have been added to that. And the “Collaboration Collection" has the “Knots Way" song from Crusaders Quest (Free). Plus, some UI, UX, and save game issues have been tweaked and fixed. This is set to be the final chapter for Deemo, but hey: games that get updates several years after release with DLC are few and far between. “Forgotten Hourglass" is available for a launch sale of $4.99.


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