‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ Celebrates Easter with a Spring Festival Event

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For a series that regularly tackles some fairly serious situations, Fire Emblem also has a bizarre sense of humor running through it. So while you might expect an Easter-themed event for Fire Emblem Heroes (Free) to just add some of the were-rabbit Taguel heroes from Fire Emblem Awakening and call it a day, it’s not all that surprising that the developers have opted to go in a different and entirely more silly direction. The Spring Festival event kicks off today, adding a new Paralogue chapter, some new quests, and some brand-new versions of characters to the game.

For the next two weeks, you can trade your hard-earned orbs for a small (3.25%) chance at earning one of four new five-star focus variants of existing characters, including Chrom, Lucina, Xander, and Camilla. The game calls them Spring versions, but let’s be frank here: they’re all decked out in bunny costumes, complete with ridiculous ears and pastel colors all around. Instead of attacking using their usual swords and axes, they instead swing mighty carrots and use painted eggs as magical totems. All four look hilarious, but Xander is especially exquisite in his pink, white, and baby-blue formal wear complete with poofy bunny tail.

Unlike other new characters introduced to the game, it’s almost certain that these four will only be around for a limited time. I hope you’ve been saving up some orbs. Bunny Camilla in particular looks like a good character, as she’s a flying mage, the only such example in Fire Emblem Heroes so far. At any rate, best of luck on getting a hold of any of these new characters, and remember: if you pursue two rabbits, you’ll catch neither. Unless you make a lot of IAP purchases, that is. Didn’t see that one coming, did you, Confucius?

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