‘Clash of Aliens’ Is an Interesting Look at What ‘Clash of Clans’ Would Be Like If It Were a Premium Game

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One criticism we see all the time when we post about popular free to play games is how tons of people would be all over a particular title, if only it were a premium game without IAP and timers. It’s a fair thing to want, especially if you’re an older gamer who is used to just paying $60ish for a video game that you can play as much as you want without any sort of microtransaction shenanigans. The fervor surrounding the anti-IAP sentiments must mean that the just-released Clash of Aliens ($4.99) should be a premium smash hit, right?

Clash of Aliens delivers exactly what commenters are always asking for: It’s got empire building gameplay, with a multiplayer battle system, and no timers or IAP at all. Instead, it’s a single $1.99 purchase. Take a look at the game’s trailer:

We’ve got a thread in our forums right now for the game, but it has seen oddly little traction for a game which delivers precisely what people have been demanding. I guess we’ll see if things pick up once we raise some awareness about the game.

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