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‘Wilful Kitty’ Merges Cats, Pixel-Art and Puzzle Action, and Is Looking for Beta Testers

My three favorite things are unequivocally pixel art, video games, and cats. Combine them all together and you have a direct ticket to my perpetual adoration and praise, and that’s exactly what Unexpect3rd have done in their upcoming game Wilful Kitty. Through puzzle gameplay reminiscent of Triple Town (Free), you’re tasked with merging numerous cat-related ingredients together to feed your feline companion, with bowls and cat food becoming a feast for your friend, for example. With more items appearing, including mice and cotton reels, and the ability to earn coins to adopt even more cats, Wilful Kitty looks like an eccentric and enjoyable time-waster. Fans of undoubedtly the best animal in the world should keep their eye out for Wilful Kitty when it launches on the App Store later this April, and the developer is also looking for beta testers on our forum thread in the lead up to its impending release next month.

While whether Wilful Kitty has the longevity and depth to be an essential puzzle title on iOS is still to be seen, the charm and character that Unexpect3rd has included in the game definitely makes it worth a try. With the colorful ‘Hyper Kitty Dash’ appearing at certain times and causing your cat to run around at unprecedented speeds, Wilful Kitty looks both unrelentingly adorable, but also a relatively interesting take on the puzzle genre, and I can’t wait to give it a try. If you’re similarly enamoured by pixel art cat action, look out the game when it releases this April, and head down to the Wilful Kitty forum thread for further discussion and to apply for the TestFlight beta.