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‘Miles and Kilo’ is The Long-Awaited Follow-Up to ‘Kid Tripp’

Michael Burns released the solid auto-running platformer with chunky pixels Kid Tripp ($0.99) back in 2013. He’s been working on a sequel at various points over the past few years, but it’s only now getting to a point where it’s nearing completion. In fact, this sequel won’t even be called Kid Tripp at all. The name is Miles and Kilo, likely referencing the protagonist and his dog who star in the sequel. The trailer shows off some cool action:

The art style has been kicked forward a generation or two, to be more detailed, with smoother animation. New attacks like dash attacks and fruit throwing are featured. It looks like it’ll still be more of the same challenging auto-running action, just kicked up a few notches. And the trailer makes this one look rather exciting. Keep an eye out for Miles and Kilo later this spring. And check out some gameplay footage of a single level: