Journey to Un’Goro Cards Revealed, Trump Joins Tempo Storm, and More ‘Hearthstone’ Weekly News in ‘Touchstone’ #89

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Welcome to another Touchstone Tavern, our weekly roundup of all things Hearthstone (Free). This week was all about Journey to Un’Goro because we finally got to see more cards from the upcoming expansion. Most of the players seems to be happy with what they’ve seen so far, but—as it’s usually the case—we’ll have to wait until the cards hit the game to know what their effect will be. Still, it’s fun to start theorycrafting and figuring out which cards might fit in which archetypes and whether some of the new cards will create brand-new decks. This week also saw more Un’Goro promotional material as well as a huge move in the game’s pro scene. So, let us begin.



Why Un’Goro Will be the Most Important Expansion Yet

This story takes a closer look at what’s at stake once Journey to Un’Goro releases next month. The writer talks about how players are now closely scrutinizing every move made by the developers. With the meta currently in a peculiar state of limbo, even after the recent nerfs, there’s definitely space for new decks, but if the expansion doesn’t manage to deliver in that respect, many players might start looking elsewhere. At the same time, the writer doesn’t think Un’Goro will have a hard time impacting the meta because it will usher in the new Standard cycle, which will see many cards go to the lands of the Wild. Reno will leave the game along with Tunnel Trogg and Totem Golem. Those three cards leaving should impact the meta quite a bit. Adapt might be able to fill in the gap left by those cards departing, so long as the card that use that keyword are strong enough. What do you think? Will Un’Goro have the impact everyone is hoping for?



Last Week’s Tavern Brawl Gave Out Un’Goro Packs

Last week’s Tavern Brawl was a modified version of Encounter at the Crossroads, and while the Brawl itself was interesting enough and felt fresh enough, what was more important was the fact that we got an Un’Goro pack instead of a Classic pack like we always do. Based on this Brawl change, I expect we’ll be getting more Tavern Brawl-related Un’Goro packs until the expansion releases. I think that’s a great, easy way to let players get their hands on a few Un’Goro packs prior to the expansion’s official release.


Danny Pudi Stars in Un’Goro Short Series

Blizzard continues to tease the upcoming expansion, and this time around it picked Danny Pudi to star in Wonders of Un’Goro, an entertaining short series that’s teasing some of the upcoming cards. Last week’s episode ended with a half-glimpse at the 5-mana Paladin Legendary Galvadon, which will be the reward for the Last Kaleisodaur Paladin Quest. We don’t have more info on the card, yet, but I’m wondering how powerful this one will be.


Blizzard Reveals More Un’Goro Cards

On Friday, we got to see a bunch of Un’Goro cards and some really fun new mechanics. Day9 and Senior Designer Peter Whalen revealed 16 new cards, although some of them are tokens rather than playable cards. The cards ranged from entertaining, like the 2-mana Warrior card Explore Un’Goro that replaces your deck with copies of Discover a card, to crazy, like Elise the Trailblazer, which inserts an actual pack of Un’Goro cards into your deck. There was also Golakka Crawler, which specifically targets Pirates, Dinosize, a spell that gives a minion 10 Attack and 10 Health, the Rogue legendary Sherazin Corpse Flower, which goes dormant once killed and returns to life after four cards are played, and many more. You can check them all out in our story.

Hunters Getting a Strong Legendary

This story focuses on the upcoming Hunter Legendary, Swamp King Dred, a 9/9 that attacks any minion your opponent plays. As the writer points out, this card won’t allow your opponent to build a board presence unless they have Divine Shield or a minion with 10 health. You’ll need a polymorph to take this one off the board for good. Hunters have been getting some pretty bad legendaries, so it’s refreshing to finally see a good one. What do you think? Is King Dred the Legendary Hunters have been waiting for?


According to Amazon, Un’Goro Will Release April 6th

Blizzard devs have been saying that Un’Goro will be coming early April, and, according to this story, we finally have a date; April 6th. Amazon’s official listing for its special pre-order promotional campaign states the last day you can pre-order as April 5th at 11:59 p.m. PST. So, it looks like the expansion will release the day after, April 6th. If that’s true, then not too long to wait.


The Four Kinds of Randomness in Hearthstone

Randomness is a word often used when players talk about Hearthstone, and this post is about the four types of RNG people experience in the game. These are strategic randomness, which players usually deem fair, acceptable randomness, double-edged randomness, and absolute randomness, which is the most controversial one and the kind that you just can’t strategize around. An example of the latter is Yogg-Saron. An interesting article that you should check out here.



Trump Leaves TSM, joins Tempo Storm

Trump is probably the most famous Hearthstone pro right now, so I don’t think it’s that surprising that he has joined the most popular team, Tempo Storm. Having Reynad, who owns Tempo Storm, and Trump in the same team should be a lot of fun. As the Tempo Storm announcement describes, Trump is known for his analytical and educational content, and he’s also a great player in his own right. On the other hand, Trump expressed the goal of renaming the team to Trump Storm. Off to a great start already.


Team League Finals Had Gimmicks and Miracles

This story talks about the Trinity Series, the team battle tournament, and how entertaining the finals were. In this tournament, the teammates get to talk with each other during a match, so the finals were an interesting look into the pros’ thought process. This insight look shines a light on the nature of Hearthstone less as a random game and more as a game with a lot of strategy, constant card-tracking, and short-term risks. Complexity went on to beat Luminosity 6-4, and while there are no plans yet for a second Trinity Series season, the writer hopes we get to see more of this tournament.





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