Side-Scrolling Adventure Game ‘Oxenfree’ Now on App Store

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Night School Studio has brought their adventure game Oxenfree ($4.99) to iOS in a surprise release. Taking place from the perspective of Alex, you go to anovernight party on Edwards Island, an old military island. Already, this sounds like a bad idea. The good news is that you wind up accidentally opening up a ghostly gate and unleashing mysterious creatures into this realm! Well, that was certainly not one of you and your friends’ brighter ideas, Alex. Even if these creatures are nice and friendly, perhaps a team of scientists, or Ghostbusters, prepared for the possibility that these creatures were in another realm for a good reason, would be ideal?

Still, just what happens in the story is left to be determined! There’s a lot that is dependent on your decisions and how you choose to influence the story, with multiple endings available. Oxenfree is available for $3.99 (a 20% launch discount), and don’t be surprised if it’s being given a big Apple promotion as part of the indie games series they’re doing.


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