The Classic ‘Pang Adventures’ Is at Its Lowest Price Ever

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Pang was one of my favorite arcade games growing up, and I was glad to see the recent Pang Adventures ($3.99) port play as well as it does. Shaun enjoyed it in his review and felt that the game is well-suited for mobile. Now, you can grab the game for just $1.99, its lowest price since release, and if you’re one of those who enjoy retro gaming or just want a fun, well-made arcade game to play, you should definitely pick it up. The game has you popping bouncing balls into smaller ones until they disappear, and even though the principle is pretty simple, it’s actually great fun and has tons of puzzle-looking levels that you have to beat.

The game has 3 different modes – Tour Mode, Score Attack, and Panic Mode – and more than 100 levels spread out across the world. Add to that a ton of different weapons to use and boss fights, and you have yourself one of the most entertaining ports of classic games on iOS.

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