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Pillar Hop and Avoid DANGER When ‘Temple Jump’ Arrives this Thursday

It feels like there was a time not too long ago when the “hop from pillar to pillar" genre was super hot, with various incarnations of the formula appearing every other minute. The whole thing seems to have died down recently, but I still think there’s room to iterate on that type of game. Temple Jump is the latest game to use that sort of mechanic, and they’ve added all the bells and whistles this type of game needs. That includes an endless game mode, a level-based challenge mode, a hidden bonus mode, and tons of unlockable characters. Take a look at the trailer for Temple Jump.

The game is played by holding down on the screen to ascend in your jump, and releasing to descend. It’s a simple mechanic but there’s something inherently fun about trying to guess the perfect arc of a jump. Also, you’re not just jumping from boring pillar to boring pillar in Temple Jump as the levels are filled with more danger than you can shake a pointy flaming stick at. Developer Nexx Studio says that Temple Jump will arrive on both iOS and Android next week on March 23rd.