‘Slime-ball-istic Mr. Missile’ Now Available Worldwide

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Do you need some Missile Command-style action in your life, albeit with more robots and more slime falling from the sky? I don’t know why you’d want that specifically, hypothetical person, but if so, then just the game for you has released. Slime-ball-istic Mr. Missile (Free) has you defending the world’s great cities from slime falling from the sky. Taking control of the eponymous Mr. Missle, you launch missiles ahead of their aiming spots, trying to hit them before they hit buildings. If enough slimes hit a building, that building is lost to the slimes forever. In Montreal, you can lose the Stade olympique. Where will the Expos play now?

This one soft launched earlier this year, and has just recently become available in the US and in other territories worldwide. If you want yourself a solid little Missile Command esque game, hard to go wrong with this one. Check out the forum thread to chat about this one!

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    Help Mr. Missile save real cities and landmarks from being eaten by slime! Slime-Ball-Istic Mr. Missile has simple game…
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