Danny Pudi Stars in ‘Wonders of Un’Goro’ ‘Hearthstone’ Short Series, Teases Paladin Quest

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Hearthstone‘s (Free) latest expansion, Journey to Un’Goro, is getting closer by the day, so Blizzard has been trying to get us into the mood. First there was the expedition journal, and today we got the first episode of a new short series called Wonders of Un’Goro, starring the hilarious Danny Pudi. Pudi plays Professor George Herbert Doyle IV, a renowned explorer daring to traverse Un’Goro. He and Eddie, his talkative aide, are looking for a very rare specimen, Galvadon. As you’d expect, Pudi is completely unprepared for what Un’Goro has in store for all explorers.

Still, he manages to discover a few deadly plants, which will probably end up as Un’Goro cards. And, should you be so patient as to stick around after the funny credits, you’ll get to see a new card, the 5-mana Paladin Legendary card called, you guessed it, Galvadon. Galvadon will be the reward for the Last Kaleisodaur Paladin Quest, so I expect it to be quite powerful. Stay tuned for more Danny Pudi and Wonders of Un’Goro next week.

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