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‘The Elder Scrolls: Legends’ Hits the iPad on March 23rd, Android Tablets on April 4th

If you’re tired of Hearthstone, or are just looking for another collectable card game in your life, The Elder Scrolls: Legends has been in beta for … what feels like forever now. Well, per a post by Bethesda a few moments ago, the game is now officially launched on PC and will be released on the iPad on March 23rd. An Android tablet release will follow on April 4th. Just like the release of Hearthstone, the smaller-screen smartphone is delayed a bit more, and currently Bethesda is aiming for a June release for that.

I need to find time in my life for another CCG, as on paper, I love what they’re doing with this game. Luis Scott-Vargas, my all-time favorite Magic player has been helping them with the game design too, so if nothing else, I really want to get into a game that he’s touched as his commentary on Magic was always unbelievably insightful. Additionally, it’ll be interesting to see how Legends eventually stacks up to Hearthstone in popularity now that it’s announced, as it’s really felt like Hearthstone has turned into a CCG juggernaut.

I feel like we can’t really make any judgements on the whole Hearthstone vs Legends thing until the full mobile client is released as well (that’s when it seemed like HS blew up), but as someone who loves CCG’s, this is a great time to be alive.