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‘Meganoid’ 2017 Revamp from Orangepixel Releases on March 30th

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The Meganoid 2017 remake news cycle is moving swift, like a puma. We’ve gone from the game being announced, to the game being deep in development, to a release date announcement in just a few weeks! Wow! Yes, Meganoid‘s big 2017 bigger and better than ever reboot is set to release on March 30th. That’s a Thursday, none of these wonky release days. Orangepixel is here to give you games, when you expect them…though sooner than you may be thinking if you thought “I was looking forward to playing Meganoid a lot later this year!" Nope, Q1 2017! Check out the new release trailer with goofy voiceover:

This action-platformer with procedurally-generated levels is a massive revamp of one of Orangepixel’s earliest games. You’ll navigate tricky platforming sections, collecting items to help you navigate the world, and finding special bonus areas. You can use some ‘hacks’ in order to modify how certain elements affect you and the world. This is looking it’s got some potential to be a fun and dastardly platformer. It’ll be available on March 30th on PC and mobile, and will have a launch discount on mobile.

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