2v2 Mode Coming to ‘Clash Royale’, Will be Called ‘Clan Battle’

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Clash Royale (Free) is getting a really fun mode soonish called Clan Battle, which is a fancy name for a 2v2 mode. It looks like it’s going to be crazy fun. As revealed in the latest Radio Royale podcast episode, in this mode both players will have 10 elixir bars – with the elixir replenishing 15% slower than usual, and even though Elixir Collectors won’t be shared, buffing cards like Rage will buff all units. Also, the bottom arena is extended by 4 tiles to fit the two towers next to each other. You can hear more details about how the mode came about and other fun info on the podcast episode, so make sure you check it out.

As you can see from the screenshot above, it’s going to be quite crazy trying to strategize with your teammate while also trying to counter the ton of units coming your way from your opponents. And since you have double the players, you’ll have double the emotes. Fun times to come, I’m sure.

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