‘Warfriends’ Latest Update Adds New Units, a New Map, and More

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Warfriends (Free) continues to be a very entertaining game with a pretty big player base, so I’m not surprised to see the developers quickly updating the game to offer more content and keep players busy. The 1.2 update, which just released, adds a new map built around an abandoned theme park, 10 brand new weapons, 4 new Tier 6 units to add to your troops, and a new co-leader squad role. Also, the update extends ranks up to Rank 43. Another welcome addition is punishing those who drop out of games; leaving a game after an opponent has been found now costs a dogtag. There’s also a new “Report Cheater" option to the results screen, which makes me wonder how big of an issue cheating is in this game to require a button for it. At the same time, the game has added server-side anti-cheating and anti-hacking checks.

There are a lot of balance changes as well, like Defenders dealing reduced damage to enemy player and various weapon tinkering. You can see all the changes here. Overall, a pretty good update that should give you more to do and make playing – hopefully – more fun. The update is live, so go check out the new map.

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