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Check Out the Official Trailer for ‘The Big Journey’ Ahead of Its Release Next Week

One of the games we were shown during GDC that made a pretty big impression on us was The Big Journey from Catfishbox and Armor Games Studio. Yes, the game stars an adorable squishy cat, so OF COURSE I was a big fan of it right off the bat, but beyond that this just looks like one of the most polished platforming games we’ve seen in some time. It also uses a tilting control mechanic that gave us Rolando vibes, and the squishiness of the cat and its ability to grow larger by gobbling up delicious dumplings also gave us some Leo’s Fortune ($4.99) vibes. Basically, lots of vibes from lots of amazing games means we’re pretty excited for The Big Journey. Ahead of its launch next week, Armor has sent along the game’s official launch trailer, which is well worth watching with the sound cranked up.

One of the defining features of The Big Journey is its tilt mechanics, but some people hate playing games with tilt, you know? Well, if that describes you then you’ll be happy to hear that there are optional touch controls in the game. They don’t work like regular platformer controls though, as instead of the left and right buttons moving the character itself they actually tilt then entire world giving the same sensation of playing with tilt but without all that tilting. Sweet! I can’t overstate how darn adorable The Big Journey is, so be sure to check it out when it hits the App Store next week on March 16th.