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‘Power Rangers: Legacy Wars’ Coming March 23rd, Soft Launches Tomorrow

As you might already know, the Power Rangers franchise is getting ready to come to a movie theater near you and also to a mobile device in your pocket soon. We knew that Power Rangers: Legacy Wars would be releasing at some point in March, but now we know it will release March 23rd, a day before the movie hits the movie theaters. The game is the first to have iconic Power Rangers and villains from the 24-year history of the franchise fight each other. The game is all about Rita Repulsa, the evil space witch, corrupting the Morphin Grid in the hopes of destroying those pesky Power Rangers once and for all.

You’ll have to take on Rita Repulsa and the army of virtual Ranger clones and monsters she has created. The game will soft launch in Brazil and Canada tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that.