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‘Hardway’ Is an Endless Road Builder Releasing March 9th

Digital Melody Games, creators of Timberman and Surfingers, has a new game coming out soon called Hardway. Hardway revolves around a smart idea; instead of endlessly driving, you try to facilitate that endless driving by laying a road across islands before the car does a Hollywood-kind of flying off the road and into certain death. You can build from left of from right, but you need to be sure you one, don’t miss the island and two, you don’t hit any of the obstacles that include moving islands, monsters, and more.

The game will come with 8 different worlds, dozens of cars to unlock, 3D touch implementation, and more, and it looks like great fun. If you like what you see, hop over to our Upcoming Games forum thread to chat with the developers and check out more gifs. The game releases March 9th, so almost here