‘Gadgetzan Throw-Down’ Is this Week’s ‘Hearthstone’ Tavern Brawl

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This week we have a brand new Hearthstone (Free) Tavern Brawl called Gadgetzan Throw-Down, and as you can guess, it’s all about those Gadgetzan crime families. When you start the brawl, you randomly get one of the three bosses and a deck full of cards from that family. Aya’s hero power costs 4 mana and summons a Jade Golem, Kazakus’ is a 2-mana add a random potion to your hand, and Don’s costs 2 mana and gives +2/+2 to a minion in your hand. The decks, which appear to change every time, play pretty close to their design purpose, with Don being all about hand-buffing and strong taunts, Aya having the Jade Golems, and Kazakus potions and spells.

As some have pointed out on reddit, this Brawl would have been a great introduction to Gadgetzan. As it stands, it’s still an entertaining one even though sometimes your deck will click and sometimes it will be all over the place and pretty useless. And if you get to play Aya, make sure you check out her emotes, easily the best of the bunch.

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