‘The Amazing Bernard’ Has Gone Free for the First Time

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The Amazing Bernard (Free) is a pretty smart auto-runner/platformer where you get to create platforms and springs to keep Bernard going. Now, the game has gone free for the first time, and if you like smart, though not perfect, platformers, you should pick this one up. While the game has a few small issues – the jumping is on the floaty side and the whole game moves a bit too slow – it’s definitely entertaining and comes with a ton of content and great art. Amazing Bernard has 30 unique levels for you to power through along with a Challenge Mode, where you play all 30 levels in a row and gain bigger rewards as you go along.

The developers have continued updating the game since it came out, with the most recent update adding new obstacles and challenges and improving the 3 Endless Runner stages with new obstacles and better control. The game is free, so go pick it up.

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    You will play as THE Bernie O'Tag in an action/adventure/platformer/runner that will push you to the brink with a challe…
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