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GDC 2017 – Gorgeous Open-World Flying Game ‘Fugl’ is Finally Near Completion (Really!)

We’ve been following the development of open-world flying game Fugl for several years now, and this year at GDC we once again checked out the latest version. The twist this time is that the game is actually, finally, for realsies this time almost complete. If you’re unfamiliar, Fugl has you playing as a bird with free reign to fly and explore a gigantic procedurally-generated world. It uses a voxel art style and a gorgeous color palette, making it the type of game that’s just a joy to kick back and take in. We took the latest version of Fugl for a spin at GDC and here’s what we saw.

I’ve always loved the look of Fugl since the first time I ever saw it, but somehow this year it looked better than ever. The colors really pop and the frame rate is incredibly silky smooth. There’s also tons of neat little hidden extras, like the ability to befriend some of the creatures roaming around the land. I really can’t wait to get my hands on the final version which should finally be arriving for mobile this coming June.