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‘Glyph Quest Chronicles’ Soft Launches in New Zealand

The third entry in the Glyph Quest series of puzzlers was announced a year ago, and between then and now, we’ve seen beta testing happen for the game. But now we are one step closer to the game being publicly available, as Glyph Quest Chronicles has soft launched in several different territories. It’s in the common New Zealand territory, but if you’re in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, or Singapore, you can also pick the game up from there.

We Heart Dragons’ puzzler has you casting spells on a board by making matches of various glyphs. The elements of the glyphs come into play: match spells of the same element consecutively and increase your chain, and then cast the opposite element to do massive damage while breaking your chain. Yes, Fleetwood Mac warned you to never break the chain, but Fleetwod Mac said a lot of things. If you want to check this one out for yourself and you’re not in one of the soft launch regions, we have a handy guide for downloading soft launch games! And if you do play, check out the soft launch game thread in our forums.

New Zealand iTunes Link: Glyph Quest Chronicles