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‘Death Road to Canada’ Accepting Forum Members for Beta, Testing Starts this Week

As we wrote about a few days ago, Death Road to Canada was planning to add members of our forum to the game’s beta testing, and today we got information on how you can apply. According to Kepa Auwae’s post in our forums, you need to send him a private message with some information in order to be considered. The developers are looking for people who will provide feedback on the game, so don’t go applying if all you want to do is play early. You’ll be expected to hang out in the game’s Discord channel (which is easy for those of you who already hang out in our Discord channel) and at bare minimum provide a few paragraphs of feedback per week in response to dev questions.

If you don’t know why are are excited about this game, Death Road to Canada has you driving across the US towards Canada trying to survive, collect supplies, make Oregon Trail-kind of decisions, and fight off hordes of zombies. It’s an excellent game that’s going to be a game of the year candidate for sure.