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‘Death Road to Canada’ To Start Accepting Beta Testers from Our Forums Soon

Rocketcat Games’ Death Road to Canada is definitely one of the games to keep a very close eye on, and pretty soon members of our forums will have a chance to check it out in beta. More specifically, after finishing development for other platforms, Rocketcat Games is now focusing on the game’s iOS version, and Kepa Auwae has said that our forum members should start getting Testflight invitations probably over the weekend. While this plan isn’t final yet, you should definitely go to our forum page and place your name in the Testflight hat.

I’ve been playing an earlier build of the game on and off, and I have to say that this is a fantastic game that will offer hours of fun. The whole idea of the game is zombies have taken over the US, and you have to drive from Florida all the way to Canada – which apparently is zombie free. As you drive north, you stop to collect supplies while fighting off zombies, and make difficult decisions along the way. Death Road to Canada should hopefully be coming soon to a mobile device near you.